University Partners

190 x 48 The University of Bradford supported
the full range of project types and
delivered roughly one third of all
regional Yorkshire Innovation Fund
activity. Their support spanned a wide
range of sectors and incorporated a
cross-section of academic schools and
expertise, including collaboration with
several other partner institutions.

190 x 64

The University of Huddersfield delivered
both Research & Development Projects
(RDPs) and Strategic Interventions (SI),
the latter drawing on Huddersfield’s
niche expertise in metrology to work
with a specialist agency and support
many regional companies.

190 x 85 The University of Hull delivered
Small Innovation Projects (SIPs)
and Research & Development
Projects (RDPs) to tackle a range
of predominantly technology based
projects. The University was successful
in collaborating with a number of
partners to deliver a complete package
of support to the recipient SMEs.

190 x 58 The University of Leeds offered the
full range of project types. Many of
the projects they supported drew
on the university’s expertise in
nanotechnology and concentrated
largely on experimental research
and process innovation.

190 x 103 Leeds Beckett University delivered
a number of Small Innovation
Projects (SIPs) and a Research
& Development Project (RDP) to
support a broad spectrum of small
business innovation challenges.

190 x 82 Leeds College of Music opted to
support their businesses with a suite of
Small Innovation Projects (SIPs). Due
to eligibility requirements, projects did
not progress as planned. However,
the College chose to remain within the
partnership to provide strategic support
to the remaining partners.

190 x 89 With a history based in vocational
learning, the academic researchbased
nature of innovation support
was unfamiliar territory to Leeds Trinity
University. Despite this, the team
at Trinity tapped into their expertise
in nutrition to deliver a successful
Research & Development Project (RDP).

 190 x 74 While the University of Sheffield did not
undertake any direct project delivery,
the value and benefit of partaking in the
overall YIF project was recognised and
the team provided strategic support to
both the central project team and their
fellow partner institutions.

190 x 102

The team at Sheffield Hallam University
supported a number of businesses
through three Strategic Interventions
(SIs), capitalising on their institutional
strengths in material technologies,
design for healthcare and innovative
packaging design.

190 x 29

The University of York offered support
in the form of Small Innovation Projects
(SIPs) to a wide cross section of
SMEs, working on a diverse range of
innovation projects including several
delivered in collaboration with other
partner institutions.

190 x 97

York St John University offered SMEs
support through both Small Innovation
Projects (SIPs) and Research &
Development Projects (RDPs) and
worked primarily with businesses in the
creative and media sectors, in which
the university has long-established